In the indian language chuka means dog as well as friend. That was the reason for me to choose that prefix.


I am Stefan Schmidt, born 1963

being a part-time shepherd I run a farm of 30 ha greenland with some around 100 ewes and 10 cattle (Scottish Highland and Limousin). The farm is managed under the biological rules due to the convention of he European Community.

From childhood on I had contact with sheep and the life of being a shepherd. Since 1996 I have had Border Collies to manage the stock on the farm.

In the meantime I have several dogs. Some of them are also used for trialing. But in first line my dogs are workingdogs. When I am satisfied with their work I keep on further training them for trial purposes. In my opinion the sport of trials is a good possibility to compare my dogs to others.

Every second year a breed a litter.

An enormous expansion took place in 2007 when my son Florian, also a shepherd, started having his own herd of flock. Florian keeps 700 ewes in the region named "Rhein-Main" between Frankfurt/Main and Wiesbaden. He uses for the stockmanagement old German Shepherd dogs.